HARMONY Project, how it all started

It all started in 2017 when Sanela Music, SANCHILD’s president, received this unexpected call from a young Bosnian man who was afraid that ongoing tensions may lead to another war. In today’s society everyone should feel safe, and this touching conversation inspired her to do something about it.

We found out that more young people from B&H share the same opinion on mental wellbeing and inner peace not being prioritized among the citizens in the post-war Balkan society. Such condition often results in the  inability to recognize the underlying traumas and fear of differences, which may prevent them from connecting with others in their surroundings. Individual healing, mental wellbeing and inner peace are the foundation for creating sustainable peace and a more harmonious environment.

So, in 2018 we created and piloted  the workshop “From Inner to Outer Peace”, supported by  the expert training with Justin Friedman. We  facilitated and taught the group methodologies for communicating emotions via a range of techniques, from leaning into a conflict without fear, self expression in a safe environment and integration by body movement. This enabled participants to connect beyond the preconceived ideas of the other and oneself, all with the focus on  self-awareness, self-acceptance and healing.

During the workshop, these techniques were already proven to be impactful on relationships among participants and effective in emotional connections. After such a strong experience and positive feedbacks, we have decided to continue our work and provide everyone with the opportunity to become a part of this.

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