Who we are

Who we are

SANCHILD’s mission is to inspire and contribute in the positive development of a culture of sustainable peace, through our programs that are built with a human-centric approach and our 4 focus pillars: well-being, education, personal and socio-economic development, as well as environmental protection.

Even though currently we operate mainly in Balkan region, where we have set up several projects, we are not restricted to one particular geographical area, and plan to grow and expand to other regions on a local, national and international level.

“We all have the seeds of basic goodness within us, We only have to nourish them”  Socrates

The mission of SANCHILD is to provide tools, spaces and activities necessary to promote sustainable peace and inclusion to encourage human beings to establish their own inner peace. We aim to create a foundation of unity for communities with an outward culture of harmony.

This mission will be achieved through the 4 pillars of building inner and outer peace:

Well-being & Education
Cultivate and develop well-being through a series of workshops and projects to heal trauma and build an empathetic, compassionate mindset at the community level. Workshops will be led by trained professionals including coaches, artists, therapists, and mediators to creatively build peace in a safe, inclusive environment where all voices are heard and valued, with an emphasis on development, gender equality, gentleness and empowerment of individuals.

Development & Environment
Developing `outer peace´ by merging humanitarian work with social building, entrepreneurship and innovative technology to transform ideas into social and technical solutions for a more peaceful society that protects and cares for the environment.

Executive Team

Executive Team

Our team is made up of members of diverse origins and backgrounds. We believe that through our empathy and willingness to listen we can address the root causes of conflict and create a safe, inclusive environment that promotes unity, communication, cooperation and understanding.

Sanela Music

Sanela Music



Sanela is a former Bosnian refugee living in Switzerland, she carried the burden of war and trauma for many years. After embarking on a reconstruction journey of healing, she was inspired to share her experience, contribute to the resilience process, peace building and positive change in the country. This dream created SANCHILD, an organization that promotes harmonious growth and helps a new generation move past the heritage of transgenerational conflicts. She is an experienced HR Consultant and coach, specialised in HR Transformation, change management and process automation for Multinational companies.
She is actively mentoring young students at Ecolint (La Châtaigneraie CH), in various projects such as Weinnovate, Entrepreneurship Lab’s or GEL Summit at UN, Geneva.

Johan Clerc

Johan Clerc

Vice President


My name is Johan and I am 34 years old. I am married and father to 3 children. Back in 2008, I started Robotek, a company dealing in lawn robots. I am active and open minded, and I have always been involved in travel and associations. I am looking forward to meeting all those who will interact with Sanchild at all levels, so as to contribute to the development of the organisation.

Mariazel Maqueda López

Mariazel Maqueda López

Project Manager


I am expert in telecommunications by the UGR (Spain) and I have a PhD in micro and nanotechnologies by the EPFL (Switzerland). Back in 2014, I was a volunteer with the NGO Amani in Nairobi (Kenya) in what would be one of the most important epiphanies of in my life. Since then I look forward to sharing the technical and technological dividend that is often monopolized by the developed countries to share it with our neighbors from the South, North, East and West. In the past, I have been NGO project manager and currently I am advocacy officer consultant in Geneva. I use my experience to promote numerous civil society associations in the fields of education, youth and woman promotion, migration and peacebuilding. I believe in Sanchild, and I work to make this dream the reality where Balkans’ population will find peace.

Nikolija Rajcic

Nikolija Rajcic

Digital Marketing Manager


Nikolija Rajcic started in the field of social work, then completed hatha yoga training in Belgrade. Later on, she launched a voluntary project intended to support hypersensitive people thanks to her digital skills and marketing. She is currently studying marketing and communication at SAWI, while working at 20% for SmartShuttles, the innovative PostBus project for the city of Sion.

I am involved in Sanchild because the subject of trauma and healing speaks to me since I have experienced it myself several times in my life. In addition, I come from a dual Serbo-Swiss culture, hence also my desire to be invested in this NGO and wish to engage myself, body and soul in human projects that I am touched by particularly.

Amina Agovic

Amina Agovic

Communication & Public Relations
Pascal Tornare

Pascal Tornare

Sonia da Silva

Sonia da Silva

Administrative Manager


Further to an experience I had as a commercial employee in the private sector, I decided to resume my studies at the age of 26. After obtaining my BSc in Political Science (specializing in Environment and Development) I moved to a master’s degree focused on Globalization, before working for a year at UNIL as a student assistant. Subsequently, I travelled to Latin America, and upon my return in Switzerland, I worked on a project relating to integration for the city of Vevey whilst cooperating with various associations in Lausanne on action plans against racism. Since then, I started working for the city of Yverdon-les-Bains as Project Manager for integration. My values are inspired by interpersonal relationships, conciliation, a sense of ethics, the reinforcement of social links as well as the sharing of skills and knowledge. My ambition is to turn all those into reality through my involvement within SANCHILD.

Our Values

Our driving force is the belief in a peaceful world. We dedicate ourselves to human wellbeing, operating with empathy through our values :


At SANCHILD we work with an immensely positive energy based on our belief in the inherent capacity of the human being to promote peace.


We defend the creation of spaces that drive multicultural dynamics leading to inclusion and open-mindedness.


We believe in acknowledging and respecting the emotions and beliefs of others by actively listening and sharing.


We believe that through respect it is possible to develop a healthy relationship with others, to work with cooperation, to maintain a healthy dialogue and to resolve conflict with honesty and integrity.


We believe in the ability to think without constraints, to see things differently, and feel there is incredible potential in establishing links between different disciplines and ways of thinking.


We are working to create services for human beings and the environment of tomorrow based on sustainable social and economic development, transforming ideas into social and technical solutions.

Spirit of entrepreneurship

We are on a quest for excellence to mobilize, gather and organize the resources available to develop socio-economic initiatives that lead to the prosperity of human beings.

Connection to nature

We believe that only through the protection of the environment can human beings imitate nature´s dynamics and flourish in a sustainable way.

Our vision

We dream of a world driven by compassion and care,

a world where harmonious growth is passed on from generation to generation

The human mind is like a garden: it can be cultivated. The traumatic events experienced by people can be compared to storms which curb the garden’s development and can even destroy it. We seek to release the healing potential which lies dormant in every human being, in order to promote lasting and healthy reconstruction. As a result, bright inner lights can shine again, spread kindness and respect, making a positive impact on the world.